DJ AM: Gone Too Far

Gone Too Far Ep. 101 Amy

DJ AM travels to his hometown of Philadelphia to meet the family of Amy, a 23-yr-old heroin addict who has been stealing from her loved ones to pay for her drugs.

By the end of the hourlong show, which had its premiere Oct. 12, Amy is shown having gone through rehab successfully with Mr. Goldstein’s support, her hair nicely cut and a healthy glow in her face. It is a happy ending, much like the one Mr. Goldstein seemed to be living when he filmed the seven-episode series last spring and summer. But despite presenting himself as the model of a recovered addict with more than a decade of sobriety, Mr. Goldstein, a celebrity disc jockey known for his talent spinning as well as the women he dated — like Nicole Richie and the actress Mandy Moore — did not have a happy ending. MORE

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