RIP: Al Martino, South Philly Crooner, Dead At 82

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Singer Al Martino, who played the Frank Sinatra-type role of Johnny Fontane in ”The Godfather,” died Tuesday afternoon at his childhood home. He was 82. Starting in 1952, Martino was known for hit songs including ”Here in My Heart,” ”Spanish Eyes,” ”Can’t Help Falling in Love” and ”Volare.” Besides acting in the Marlon Brando classic ”The Godfather,” Martino sang the 1972 film’s title score, ”The Love Theme From The Godfather.” His Fontane character is a singer and occasional actor and is the godson of Brando’s Mafia boss character, Don Vito Corleone. MORE

DAILY NEWS: “He was the last of the show business legends. There’s nobody else. The last of the performers. A magnificent voice,” said Jerry Blavat who was shocked when we called him with the news. He dined Monday night with Martino and Judi at Le Virtu (1927 E. Passyunk). “He looked good, I can’t believe it,”  said Blavat, who has played Martino’s songs for years, including his newest single “Trying to Find My Way Back to You.” MORE

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