Comcast In Talks To Purchase 51% Of NBC Universal


INQUIRER: The Philadelphia-based cable giant, which has about 24 million cable TV customers, has confirmed that it’s looking for entertainment content and published reports say it could be negotiating for a 20 percent to 50 percent stake in NBC Universal. NBC Universal, which is 80 percent owned by General Electric, controls the NBC broadcast network, MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo, USA, Bravo, Universal Pictures, and theme parks. It has been considered in play for several years. Comcast Corp. had denied reports last night that it had reached a deal to buy NBC Universal for $35 billion. Comcast owns regional sports networks, the E! entertainment channel, the Versus national sports network, and the Golf Channel, among others. MORE

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EXPLAINER: To understand what an Internet without net neutrality would be like, imagine that Comcast is the elevator operator in a 20 story building. Some people get on board and say ‘20th floor, please’ and that is where Comcast takes them. Others get on board and say ‘20th floor please’ and are told, ‘Sorry, this elevator doesn’t go that high.’

UPDATE: Comcast Is All For Hurrying Up And Doing Nothing

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