FRINGE REVIEW: The Waitstaff Sells Out

waitstaff_1.jpgBY LINDSAY HARRIS-FRIEL The Waitstaff has got it all down to a science. By now, they certainly should. After almost a decade of reincarnating their troupe on stages from The Adrienne to Chicago’s Sketch Fest, they’ve refined their craft into a tight, efficient comedy machine. Thank God we have the Waitstaff to send up Brand Fringe. The crew has been writing and performing in theatre and sketch since the Fringe was in diapers (and Chris McGovern quietly shows us that it still is), and not much has changed, so they’re well-poised to show us the commonalities. While the Waitstaff is known for being raunchy, they don’t stoop to the easy shock joke, but keep digging for gold in Philadelphia’s dirty laundry. The power of the PPA will compel you(with Eric Singel and Gerre Garret in a battle of wills and dialects. Who knew the Kenzo “oaver” was as potent as Alec Guinness’ dulcet tones?) and the weird sisters of The Real Housewives of South Philly are as disturbing as they are cozily familiar. Joanne Cunningham fits any role while remaining unique, and Jim Boyle continues to self-deprecate without losing his shine. Brush up on BobbyJindal’s vision of healthcare reform and your WHYY trivia, because The Waitstaff might be selling out, but they’re still slick , quick and clever.  Two more shows have been added at L’Etage at 625 Bainbridge on Sunday, September 20, at 6pm and 8pm, at L’Etage Cabaret. Bring a Klondike Bar.

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