CONCERT REVIEW: Britney At The Wachovia

britbike2_1.jpgDAN DELUCA: Throughout, she wore a headset microphone and consistently moved her mouth in time with the never all-that-expressive vocals that were pumped through the sound system. Probably, she was actually singing over pre-recorded tracks that removed any possibility of an aural mishap. […] Spears fans were deliriously happy to be in the same room with one of the biggest brand-name superstars in the world, and the object of their affection worked hard enough to put on a properly sensory-overloaded show, with a stage that shot off smoke jets and lit up in a burning ring of fire as Brit floated above it, as if in a hot air balloon. The evening ended in a cascade of sparkling fireworks and de rigeur confetti falling from the sky. […] But if Spears came across as a much more professional entertainer than you might want to give her credit for, she was never in danger of connecting with her audience in any sort of seriously human way. The images of her up on screen always seemed more real than the actual Britney on stage, even when she was standing right there in front of you, in the flesh. MORE

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