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You are a joke as a journalist. Obama IS HIDING SOMEHTING [sic] and not it is NOT because he is too busy with other things. He has spent $1.4 million to DONATED campaign funds to his lawyer that is fighting the DOZENS of lawsuits. He is either hiding something embarrassing, such as his biological father possibly being Frank Marshall ok-state-trooper.jpgDavis. Or, he is possibly hiding a foreign birth. Whatever it is, he IS HIDING SOMEHTING [sic] from the American people. Your casual attendance to this is obvious.

Oh, and I am not a ‘birther’. Rather, I am a TRUTHER. That’s all I want. It is YOU, the liberal media that can’t handle the truth.  Trust me on this, IT WILL EVENTUALLY COME OUT.  And, my bet is you folks that prop this empty suit up will not have the balls to print a correct story when it does happen.  It’s coming.. When, have no clue. But, IT’S COMING.

Dan W. Howard
Former Oklahoma State Trooper
Tulsa, OK

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Hey, Jonathan –

I just got done reading your great story on Phil Berg and I had one small thought to add, since I have given a lot of coverbirtherlarge_thumb1_1_1.jpgthought to this. For a variety of personal reasons, questions of citizenship and “natural born”  are interesting issues for me). It occurs to me that one reason Obama has not so far released the more detailed birth certificate is not so much that he is too busy, but that it is really insulting that he is even being asked. We’re I in his position, I might well tell them to go to hell too. Nobody asked Ronald Reagan for his birth certificate, did they? (The copy that is on display at the Reagan Museum in California wasn’t released until 1991, two years after Reagan was out of office. And if you look closely, you will notice that the original certificate wasn’t even issued until 1942, when Reagan was 31 years old). McCain came in for some polite questioning, but that’s because he has never made a secret of being born in the Panama Canal Zone, which raised only a tiny technical question that would have been easily dismissed had he won. But he’s the only case I can think of since George Romney in 1968 where anyone cared where a candidate was born, and nobody in American history, to the best of my knowledge, has been accused of lying about it. Nobody seriously asked Bill Clinton or George W. or any of the other recent presidents to prove that they were “Real Americans,” so why should Obama have to prove it? Just a thing I think about when I have too much time on my hands.

Sean Scully

PS: Not to belabor the whole point, but curiosity got the better of me today about this whole “Obama has spent $1.4 million to hide the records” business, which is the last line of defense for the Birthers when confronted by the otherwise conclusive evidence that Obama is a citizen, including the other guy who write you a letter. And sure enough, that appears to be a canard, or at least a gross exaggeration. It is based, apparently, on an Aug. 10 article on World Net Daily, which noted that Obama’s campaign committee, how a PAC known as Organizing for America, has paid $1.35 million since election day to the law firm of Perkins Coie, which is Obama’s main law firm. The firm has been involved in some of the eligibility law suits, including Berg’s, but the financial filings that World Net examined (and I will assume they did so accurately) don’t detail the exact legal services performed. So clearly at least SOME of that $1.35 million is for birther-related activity, but there is no way to know how much of it and there is certainly no evidence that ALL of it went for that purpose. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.

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