BRENDAN CALLING: Open Letter To Dom Pileggi

coverbrendan_1.jpgDear Sen. Pileggi:

I can call you Dom, right? Even as state senate majority leader, you’re still a public servant, answerable to me and everyone else in Pennsylvania, so I don’t mind being a little informal with the help. Thanks to your intransigence and obstruction holding up both the state and the city’s budget in the Pennsylvania State Senate, nonprofits are running out of money, the city’s cutting jobs and delaying police training, and counties from east to west are owed money. All because you missed YOUR deadline: and now everyone has to suffer because you’re in a pissing match with the governor?

And it’s not like anyone’s gonna break even once the impasse is over: a number of human services providers are forced to take out loans to bridge the gap and there will be interest to pay. I thought you Republicans and conservatives were good with money? It’s no different here in Philadelphia, Dom. On Thursday, Mayor Nutter submitted his “Plan C” budget to the City Council. Effective September 1, we’re facing “doomsday” cuts — hundreds of cops laid off, fire engines idled, all rec centers closed, trash left to rot in the streets — because of your inaction. We sent you our budget in May and you’re only now getting around to it? Mayor Nutter already cut $20 million, two months worth of revenue, because of your delays.

So I’m sorry, Dom, if this is getting personal: I work for a nonprofit too, and we are making agency-wide cuts as well, because of YOU. Some people I know in other agencies are already facing delayed paychecks. Working people who don’t have money for food, because of YOU. Working people who can’t pay the mortgage, because of YOU. Are YOU going to pay my mortgage? Are YOU going to pay my child support? Are YOU gonna buy me groceries? Are YOU gonna pay my student loan?  It’s not just workers who will suffer. Dom,thanks to you, important city services are being cut — even before the doomsday cuts! MORE

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