HOT NOT DOC: ‘Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate’


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WORLD NET DAILY: California attorney Orly Taitz, who has filed a number of lawsuits demanding proof of Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president, has released a copy of what purports to be a Kenyan certification of birth and has filed a new motion in U.S. District Court for its authentication.[…]  “I’m forcing the issue, where Obama will have to respond,” she said. “Before, they said, ‘You don’t have anything backing your claims,'” Taitz explained. obamakenya_1.jpg“Now I have something. In fact, I have posted on the Internet more than Obama has. My birth certificate actually has signatures.” Taitz’s most celebrated case involved a military officer, Maj. Stefan Cook, whose order to deploy to Afghanistan was revoked when he challenged Obama’s eligibility to hold office. That case has now been refiled in federal court in Florida, raising the specter of a class-action claim among members of the military that their orders aren’t valid because of questions surrounding Obama’s constitutional eligibility. MORE

MEDIA MATTERS: WorldNetDaily and the right-wing fringe are very excited about their scoop that Orly Taitz has “released a copy of what purports to be a Kenyan certification of birth” for President Obama. According to WND, “Taitz told WND that the document came from an anonymous source who doesn’t want his name known because ‘he’s afraid for his life.’ ” So in order to believe Taitz and WND, one would have to assume that this document was requested 45 years ago, preserved that entire time, withheld through the entire election and transition period, and yet somehow ended up in the hands of someone sympathetic to Orly Taitz. DailyKos’ David Waldman has identified what appears to be an even more glaring problem with WND’s latest smoking gun. MORE


First, the hospital is Coast Provincial General Hospital (sometimes said to be Coast Province General Hospital), not Coast General Hospital.

Second, Kenya was a Dominion the date this certificate was allegedly issued and would not become a republic for 8 months.

Third, Mombasa belonged to Zanzibar when Obama was born, not Kenya.beatdeadhorse.gif

Fourth, Obama’s father’s village would be nearer to Nairobi, not Mombasa.

Fifth, the number 47O44– 47 is Obama’s age when he became president, followed by the letter O (not a zero) followed by 44–he is the 44th president.

Sixth, EF Lavender is a laundry detergent.

Seventh, would a nation with a large number of Muslims actually say “Christian name” (as opposed to name) on the birth certificate?

Eigth, his father (born in 1961) would have been 24 or 25 when he was born and not 26.

Ninth, it was called the “Central Nyanza District,” not Nyanza Province. The regions were changed to provinces in 1970. [via DAILY KOS]

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evilobama_1.jpgOC WEEKLY: With her strong will, busy travel schedule and breathless blogging, Laguna Niguel dentist Orly Taitz has become the most controversial figure in the effort to prove that President Barack Obama is foreign-born. MORE

RELATED: (Lafayette Hill, PA – 06/09/2009) – Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of Constitutional “qualifications/eligibility” to serve as President of the United States and his cases that are still pending, Berg vs. Obama [2 cases – 1 under seal] and Hollister vs. Soetoro a/k/a Obama, et al announced today that he had filed a lawsuit against Orly Taitz for her unprofessional and unlawful tactics by disseminating birth dates and Social Security Numbers and other vicious lies to harm innocent people. Berg said, “Orly Taitz, Esquire must be disbarred! Orly has been grabbing the headlines, but doing disservice to the millions who want Obama to prove he is constitutionally eligible/qualified to be President of the United States. Presently Orly has only one [1] case pending and in my opinion, not very strong and definitely not on point.  On the other hand, I [Berg] have three [3] lawsuits pending, all in Federal Court, two [2] in the Appellate Courts. MORE

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