We Know It’s Only Rock N’ Roll But We Like It

READY, STEADY, GO: Craig Finn, The Hold Steady, Xponential Music Festival, Last Night [Photo by JONATHAN VALANIA]


ZEE AVI: Honey Bee

WIKIPEDIA: Zee Avi (born Izyan Alirahman,[1] also known as KokoKaina; b. 1986) is a Malaysian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and ukulele player. She was born in Miri, Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. She moved to Kuala Lumpur when she was 12.[2] She studied fashion design at American InterContinental University in London.[3] Zee originally posted a video of her first song on YouTube because one of her friends had missed her first performance in Kuala Lumpur, so she created a video on YouTube for him to watch. He convinced Zee to leave the video up, and soon she received positive feedback [and 807, 941 views], which inspired her to put more videos on YouTube.[3] After she was featured on YouTube, she was signed by Brushfire Records, which is partly owned by Jack Johnson.[2] Her song “No Christmas For Me” is featured on Brushfire Records’s 2008 Christmas album This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday. . MORE


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