THIS JUST IN: DN Pays Tribute To Swells

swells.JPGBY ST. JOHN BARNED-SMITH FOR THE PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS: … But what I’ll remember most is the sarcastic encouragement Swells gave an intern for no other reason than that he believed in me.

And oh the trouble he gave me.

When I let slip that I wasn’t into Britney Spears or the Monkees, I was doomed. The next week, I was the target of a piece in the Guardian about his attempts to educate me about music:

Undaunted by the massive task before me, I then proceeded to lecture Tad . . . on just how . . . extraordinarily potent cheap music really is.

Thankfully, he’d given me a pseudonym to protect me from the inevitable online mockery.

That experience — funny, biting, playful — would define the tone of the summer, and many of my experiences with Swells. MORE

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