MAILBAG: California Dreamin’


EDITOR’S NOTE: The following was posted in the COMMENTS section last night by Bdogg.

I have been living in the 215 for a stretch now & you know what I rep…i’m a L.a nigga & all that hateing add up to nothing. I had some run ins wit philly niggaz since I been here & i’m still standing, had 2 put a lil work in but let me stop becausa a nigga aint fin ta snitch on himself & no disrespect but philadelphia is a playground compared to L.a even tho philly was the murder capitol for a couple of years blood. My peoples from right here in philly seen a program on tv & told me that it stated some murders in L.a are not being recorded so that the city can make the murder rate lower & so the people won’t move away from cali & to keep people moving in. In L.A in da hood people can’t just walk around in any hood like you can in philly…you’ll get smoked right away blood! 1st day homey! if you don’t have a pass & a strap aint enough…it aint gon serve you but here in philly I been in every neighborhood, flamed up wit red rags, L.a fitted cap by myself & had no problems from no nigga for roaming around. I hold my own like a man str8t soldier even tho i’m not active in the gang life anymore…the landscape might change but the nigga remains the same & we aint trying to recruit any nigga from philly, gangbangin is a westside…my badd BESTSIDE thing palm tree’s & bomb weed. I know all niggaz in philly can’t be ridin the mob but majority of deez niggaz that I run accross eatin joey merlino’s dick, niggaz like that get’s no respect…& on the coast merlino! get’s no pass, we don’t ride on nobody’s jock but on the other hand I have some respect for your city because i’m a real nigga & it’s foul to dis a niggaz city but fuck the bustas fake phoney niggaz in philly dissin on the coast, all those disrespectful comments you can shuv str8t up your asshole homey! you bitch niggaz might like it. No dis 2 my real niggaz in the 215 & I know only the haters will send a diss, we call em busta & marks I expect a response from you on some weak shit because bitch niggaz are in every city even L.a & I know your type so handle your business but after this serving there will be no sequel…I said my piece & it’s real, some time you can lie to yourself but when the real prevail…the truth hurts! back home in L.a & in other states that I been in & I been in most, philadelphia aint even on the radar…anyway BPS Black P Stone Bloods, west L.a Crenshaw district, Baldwin Park homey, we don’t hate…wherever we go we dominate! Str8t like dat!

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