DEATH ON THE PIAZZA: Drug Hit Plot Thickens

dnfront_1.jpgDAILY NEWS: Kidnapped and robbed by drug dealers in 2004, party planner Rian Thal turned mum after her release, refusing to identify her captors. The 34-year-old blonde’s silence spurred her rise “from hanger-on to one of the players,” a law-enforcement source said. She became a “big-time drug dealer,” supplying heavy quantities of her specialty, powder cocaine, to other dealers, and at least once sold Ketamine, an animal tranquilizer known as “Special K,” another source said. The revelations about her secret life emerged yesterday during Daily News interviews with law-enforcement and other sources familiar with her drug dealing and other activities.Homicide Capt. James Clark released surveillance videos of the well-orchestrated murders of Thal and Timothy Gilmore, a Detroit firefighter who was on disability, outside her seventh-floor apartment in the trendy Piazza at Schmidts in Northern Liberties on Saturday. Now, “some of her customers are suspects in setting up her death,” a law-enforcement source said. Listening to the fatal gunshots from inside her apartment was Gilmore’s unidentified friend, who came from Canal Winchester, Ohio, where Gilmore lived. After waiting for an extended silence, the friend calmly stepped over the bodies to escape, just as the killers had done only minutes earlier, police sources said. Gilmore’s friend was being sought by police. MORE

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