CONTEST: Win A Sonic Youth Dream Date


Sonic Youth is like a chronic girlfriend we keep breaking up with, if only because the make-up sex is so good. We’ve been on board — and occasionally off — ever since Bad Moon Rising, ever since we heard that mesmerizing wall of abstract expressionist guitars graffiti’d  with the immortal words: “A genius and a sex maniac, taking lots of drugs and fucking all day.” Man, nice work if you can get it! The just-out The Eternal is a remarkable late-period return to form from a band we’ve written off more times than we care to admit. Anyway, if you’ve ever dreamed of stealing your sister’s boyfriend, offing your parents*, hitting the road and setting the controls for the heart of the warm, narcotic American night — and who hasn’t? — have we got a dream date for you: Two tix to see Sonic Youth Thursday night at the Electric Factory. The first person to drop us a line at correctly identifying what SY song the line “I believe Anita Hill” comes from is our winner.

UPDATE: We have a winner! The response was overwhelming — the answer is “Youth Against Fascism (Song I Hate)”  from 1992’s Dirty. Thanks for playing, and stay tuned we will have a number of exciting concert ticket giveaways all summer. Why? Because we love you, ya big dummy.

*This is a joke, do NOT try this at home! 

Super-rare and ancient footage of SY performing at the Gila Monster Festival in Death Valley 1/5/85

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