RAWK TAWK: Q&A With Brooklyn’s Telepathe


Telepathe perform Friday at JBs in support of their debut, Dance Mother

“Floating between crystalline electronica, misty shoegaze and ass-shaking club-rap, ‘Dance Mother’ is disorientating by design; like being set down on some unfamiliar street corner where the drone of synth from a nearby window meets the boom of bass from a passing car, and snippets of overheard conversation hang in the air like cryptic incantations. More than any other outfit since TV On The Radio, Telepathe illustrate the modern hipster condition: why choose between Lil Wayne, Animal Collective, Madonna and My Bloody Valentine, when you can have all of it, all at once?” — New Music Express

PHAWKER: Brooklyn is overrun with avant-garde artists right now. What sets you apart?

TELEPATHE: We stopped being avant-garde three years ago.

PHAWKER: You talk a lot about love and death even a little murder tossed in there. What makes you want to kill?


PHAWKER: The album was leaked way before it was actually released. What are your thoughts on that considering dance_mother_cover.jpgit did land you guys on a tour of Europe before your album was even released?

TELEPATHE: It probably did land us that tour in Europe before our album was released…god, we love the internet!!! It also landed us a tour in Australia and New Zealand!!!

PHAWKER: Have you been thinking about/working on the next album yet? If so, do you think you’ll work with Dave Sitek a second time?

TELEPATHE: Dave Sitek is a mentor for sure, and we are discussing doing some stuff together, but as far as the next record, there are like 7 or 8 producers we want to work with including Dave.

PHAWKER: You pull inspiration from all over, what do you think you’re most influenced by at the moment?

TELEPATHE: Tony “Pretty Tony” Butler.


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