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GUARDIAN: What really happened in Iran during that election count? As thousands protest against the results and demonstrate, we’ve gone to the Iranian Ministry of the Interior to get the official version of events. We’ve then got the Presidential Office’s eligible voters by region data so we can work out what the turnout as in each case. Whether you believe over 99% turnouts anywhere is one thing, but this data is only the beginning. MORE

FIVE THIRTY EIGHT: You have probably heard it asserted that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad principal strength is in rural areas, whereas Mir-Hossein Mousavi did relatively better in Iran’s cities. However, it is not clear that this is true. Moreover, in 2005, it is demonstrably false. On the contrary, Ahmadinejad did much better in urban areas in that election. MORE

CBS NEWS: Iran’s most powerful military force has warned online media of a crackdown over their coverage of the country’s election crisis. The Revolutionary Guard, an elite military force answering to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said through the state news service that Iranian Web sites and bloggers must remove any materials that “create tension” or face legal action. CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports that Iranian authorities appear to have successfully blocked all access to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter Wednesday morning. Access had been intermittent since the election. MORE

THE LEDE: A Web site called Twit Spam has posted a list of what it says are “possible fakes accounts” on Twitter that “may have connections to the Iranian Security apparatus.” Twit Spam appeals to other Twitter users to “not re-tweet anything from these accounts,” and says that they are “obviously trying to entrap twitter users who are tweeting from Iran or those who obviously are trying to spread misinformation.” MORE


PBS NEWSHOUR: The opposition definitely does feel like it has the momentum. And it’s really curious that there doesn’t seem to be guided from anywhere, because Mr. Mousavi seems to be under somewhat restricted status. He’s not really out there kind of leading the charge. These are kids who seem to be putting this all together. And today was really extraordinary in the way that the kids undermined the government’s attempts at kind of countering their rally which they had scheduled a day earlier by quickly, within a couple hours, organizing a new rally away from the spot where the original rally was going to be held. It was amazing that they did it; I’m still not sure how they did that. But it points to possibly a whole new political element in Iran. MORE

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