RAWK TAWK: Q&A w/ Annabel Alpers of Bachelorette


“Quietly psychedelic, the quavery vocal harmonies, wheezy synthesisers and attic-salvaged stringed instruments are layered with a shy urgency, a breathtaking tangle of dreaminess and directness… slow oscillations between intimacy and abstraction…. Having understood the implications of technology – electricity having made us all angels, etcetera – Bachelorette fractured herself into a girl-group of one, clouds of ah-ah-ahs and shoo-wop shoo-wops both underscoring and distracting from her tales of gravitational and hormonal pull.” – Author Unknown

PHAWKER: First of all, why the name Bachelorette? You have a beautiful name already!

BACHELORETTE: Because I like my music project to have its own name. I wouldn’t feel comfortable going under my name, I guess because the project has its own life.

PHAWKER: My Electric Family relies heavily on computer-like sounds. How do you feel about critics who say artists today rely too much on the use of computers and technology to relay their sound rather than instruments?

BACHELORETTE: Computers are just another vehicle for expression. They’re another instrument that can be used to create sounds that aren’t possible using conventional instruments. And they allow a different approach to songwriting to conventional methods – like you can take your time to construct a song as you record it. bachelorette_album_cover.jpg

PHAWKER: What’s the meaning behind the album title? What were you feeling, inspired by while making the record? Some songs that really impacted you?

BACHELORETTE: When I started on the album, I was interested in this image of a girl being alone and just communicating through machines. I assumed at the start that I would take the same approach as I did with Isolation Loops, and record the whole album alone in a short space of time. But as the recording progressed, I realized that it didn’t suit me to work that way this time around and I felt like involving more people. Also, the subject matter that I was interested in changed over time. I was inspired by reading about electricity and also psychological theory and then kind of using it to express my experiences. It was never intended to be a concept album though. I mean, I like to get excited by ideas, but the album itself is not intended to be interpreted too deeply. I just like to play around with words and sounds.

PHAWKER: The AP calls your record “one of the best of the year.” How do you feel about holding that title?

BACHELORETTE: People’s response to music is subjective. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would disagree with that call. But I’d like to think that some people will enjoy listening to the album.

PHAWKER: What influences music wise were you especially feeling during the making of the record? How do you feel about having your vocals compared to indie greats like Imogen Heap?

bachelorette_3.jpgBACHELORETTE: I can’t really think of any obvious influences on this album – as in there wasn’t anything in particular that I was trying to sound like. I’m more interested in just doing what I feel like with the words and equipment I have available.

PHAWKER: Which do you like better? Being in the studio or playing the songs live? Favorite place to play live?

BACHELORETTE: I like both for different reasons. Touring can be fun and it’s a great way to travel and meet people. Musically speaking, I think I prefer the recording side because that’s when the ideas are at their freshest, so it’s a bit more exciting in that sense.

PHAWKER: What do you hope to accomplish on this tour?

BACHELORETTE: To play to people who would enjoy Bachelorette’s music.

PHAWKER: When not touring or recording, what do you like to do?

BACHELORETTE: To be honest, I can’t remember when I last had a break from working on music. I do have another passion though. I study a form of Shiatsu (acupressure) called Seiki Meridian Shiatsu. And I like to just take it easy and read books and go outdoors when I can. And hang out with my friends.

PHAWKER: (Get ready for some silly questions.) Who would you rather face in a singing match, Lady Gaga or Madonna?

BACHELORETTE: Neither? Madonna seems crazier though, so she’d probably be more interesting to meet.bachelorette4_1.jpg

PHAWKER: If you met a man and fell in love at first sight, but he had really big ears.  Would you still love him?

BACHELORETTE: Well, obviously, if it was love at first sight, the ears would be part of the attraction?

PHAWKER: Your ideal breakfast?

BACHELORETTE: It depends on the day, but… gluten-free pancakes?

PHAWKER: A stranger walks up to you on the street after a show and asks you the phrase that you live by — i.e. carpe diem. What do you say?

BACHELORETTE: “Everyone’s life is equally as important as yours.” Ideally, I’d love everyone to live by that.  We all forget to though, and I’m no exception. [As told to KYLEE MESSNER]


Bachelorette – Her Rotating Head (Official)


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