BRENDAN CALLING: Open Letter To Arlen Specter


It’s me, Brendan Skwire. You know, Mr. Sunshine.

I’ve called your office quite a few times regarding the need for a public option in health care reform, which I guess is about as good as it’s gonna get considering you and the rest of your colleagues on the Hill are too timid or too indebted to the death-by-spreadsheet health care industry to support real single payer universal health care.

Sen. Specter, you of all people should be loudly proclaiming your support for single player health care. After all, Cover.Brendan_1.jpgwasn’t it the taxpayers who paid for your Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment? I called your office and no one would tell me. I left a message, but no one has called me back for a week.

Sen. Specter, if single-payer, government-provided, taxpayer-funded health care is good enough for you, shouldn’t it be good enough for the rest of us? I took a look for myself: Not a bad deal, my friend, especially if you’re only covering yourself.

Oh yes, I know, I know. We don’t want to force people to participate in something they don’t want or don’t think they need. Funny how that hasn’t been that much of an obstacle to the digital TV conversion: that bill was passed into law sometime in 2006, and gave us three years to convert to digital TV like it or not. Twenty years and no health care, but three years and you’d better have your fancy-schmancy new TV or you won’t be able to tune into the vast wasteland anymore. For God’s sake, will no one think of the children!?! MORE

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