RAWK TAWK: With Mike Kennedy Of Audible

kylee_messner_avatar.jpgBY KYLEE MESSNER As if following the prime directive of the great philosopher known as Old Blue Eyes (“Let’s take it nice an easy”), Mike Kennedy lives his life “in simple intervals,” which is why he chose it as the title of his band Audible’s latest record. “Basically, it was a line in one of the songs on the record,” explains Kennedy. “In the last song on the record we all sing in harmony.” With Kristine Muller, Kennedy’s wife-and-bandmate, expecting twins due in September, the record’s title was, it seems, quite in tune with the the band’s offstage life, as well. In Simple Intervals was made in Kennedy’s bedroom. He and his wife had to move into another room to ensure the record’s two year completion. Not having a deadline for the record was a plus.

“We didn’t know what was going to happen with it [the record],” Kennedy [pictured, below second from right] explained. The band decided to release the record without the help of their label, Polyvinyl, as Kennedy is a professional audio engineer himself. “I’d rather just make music at home with my friends,” Kennedy added. If you were an O.C. fan, (you were) you’ll recognize Audible from their hit “Sound Makes A Circle,” featured on the show. (In case you were wondering, you are.) Or if you’re too old for that high school drama stuff and have moved on to more sophisticated cinema, like a Jennifer audible_band_pic.jpgGardner film, you might recognize the band’s song “Sky Signal” from the movie Catch & Release.

Audible’s love for bands like Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, and Brian Eno isn’t a secret. You’ll definitely hear the influences on In Simple Intervals, particularly in Kennedy’s double-tracked vocals. (Which he isn’t afraid to admit to.) “They all made simple songs that do a lot with simple elements,” said Kennedy. “They gave me the love of classic songwriting.” Mike Kennedy’s biggest guilty pleasure (which he doesn’t find embarrassing, but his friends do.) is Steely Dan. Thankfully for fans, you won’t hear much of that influence on the new record. Mike Kennedy advises all hopeless romantics to stop looking for their soul mate and accept a woman with big feet. If Kennedy could be any superhero, he’d be Daredevil (yes, the same superhero Ben Affleck played). And if Daredevil wasn’t available that day, he’d settle just fine for George Harrison. In Simple Intervals will be released this Friday, May 22nd, at Johnny Brenda’s. Aside from an “fine tuned sound system,” Kennedy enjoys the stand up personalities of Johnny Brenda’s employees the most. “They treat the band like they want the bands to be there,” he said. If you want to hear the band’s record before then, you’ll have to visit their website.

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