GEEKS HAVE MORE FUN: Did We Mention The New Star Trek TOTALLY Rocks & We Saw It Twice Already?


DAILY TELEGRAPH: It is probably the most famous greeting in the universe. But the simple Vulcan salute left makers of the new Star Trek film with a galactic-sized headache – because Mr Spock just couldn’t do it. After much head-scratching, experts on the $150 million blockbuster – which boasts stunning high-tech effects – hit upon a low-tech but logical solution – gluing actor Zachary Quinto’s fingers together, The Mail on Sunday newspaper in the UK reports. Quinto, 31, admitted he found it impossible to form his fingers into the distinctive V-shaped gesture, saying: “It’s much harder than it looks. Seriously.” One on-set insider said: “Zach could do the salute some of the time but only after he’d positioned his fingers the right way off-camera. “In some scenes he has to do the salute while speaking his lines so they ended up using skin-protective superglue, like they use in hospitals, to stick his fingers together.” MORE

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