PHILLY MAG: On Inauguration Day, thousands of Philadelphians had lined up around City Hall just to shake his hand. Our expectations were overinflated. But the Nutter campaign had furiously worked the air pump, posing him as a bold reformer in a city that desperately needed change. In one commercial, Nutter literally tore the top off City Hall, throwing out the “bums … who have been ripping us off for years.” Our savior. But less than a year into office, he lost his brand. Pick an issue: Libraries. Union negotiations. Transparency in government. The budget. Casinos. Nutter either flipped positions or acted contrary to his reformer persona on each. By the end of the year, Philadelphia had a mayor it didn’t even know anymore. And the only thing left to do was boo, assess where he went wrong, and wonder if Michael Nutter had it in him to mount a comeback. MORE

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