bruce_springsteen.jpgDAN DELUCA: Bruce Springsteen may well have miscalculated earlier this year when he released Working On A Dream, one of the most hopeful and downright happy sounding albums of his career just as a cratering economy was rendering the songs of struggle and strife that are his stock in trade more resonant than they have sounded in years. But like a canny coach able to make necessary adjustments at halftime, Springsteen has headed out on the road – where he and the E Street Band arrived in South Philadelphia on Tuesday for the first of back to back shows at the Spectrum – with an altered game plan that wisely plays to his strengths. […] Early on, the Boss laid out the business plan for what turned out to be a smartly conceived, sharply executed and cathartic-as-ever 2 hour and 45 minute show. Later on, he praised the “democraticness” of the intimate-by-arena-standards venue, which is slated for demolition at the end of this year, as being “ideal for rock shows” and said “it’s a treat to be in this lovely old building before it comes down. So we salute the Spectrum.” MORE

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