Hey folks, Jeff Deeney here to let you know how this new Twitter project we’re rolling out will work. From now until Philadelphia no longer needs me for cannon fodder in the trenches of the War On Poverty, I will be posting the little overheard snippets of unintentional brilliance and frequently unhinged insanity that comprise the background noise of my work day.  Think of it as Today I Saw for the ADD set; I will bring you the streets in 140 characters or less. All dialogue 100% overheard. You’re already a couple days behind, so start following the Phawker Twitter stream and you can play along at home. And yes, it WILL be on the test.

RELATED: The following represents two divergent reader responses to Jeff Deeney’s new Twitter project for Phawker. Deeney responds in the comments section which should be of interest to all you people that love giving or getting a good flamejob. MORE

CITYPAPER: A little while back, I noted the controversy over Jeff Deeney’s new project over at Phawker, twittering (“tweeting”? No.) moments and quotes from his work as a social worker. In the comments, Jeff complained about people “ready to shit all over [the project] before I even had a chance to show them what I was going to do with it.” (Brian Howard dubbed this the “unofficial motto of Web 2.0.”) Jeff’s piled up a bunch of stuff now, including a number of striking quotes/moments from the last couple of days, and the picture you see here. So if you were interested in this project, I think now’s a good time to hop over and check it out. MORE

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