This Is Why Mel Gibson Is Getting D-i-v-o-r-c-e-d


ONEINDIA: Russian popstar Oksana Pochepa [pictured, above] admits she was the girl photographed frolicking with Mel Gibson on a beach, and adds that she has fallen for the actor. Pochepa says she is smitten by the 53-year-old actor and hopes their love is “strong and long-lasting.” Just weeks after the snaps were published, the movie legend’s wife Robyn Gibson, 52, filed for divorce. “This is serious and I hope that our union will be real and strong and long-lasting,” the Sun quoted Pochepa as saying. “We are different people, but Mel is a grown man and knows precisely what he wants and me too — I know what I want,” she added. MORE

SFGATE: Mel Gibson and his wife, Robyn, split a month after his drink driving arrest in 2006, according to new documents filed by the actor. In his response to Robyn’s divorce petition, which was filed on Monday, the movie star offered a specific date of separation: August 26, 2006, reports In July 2006, Gibson was arrested for drinking under the influence. During the traffic stop, the actor hurled anti-Semitic comments at the arresting officer. MORE

MSNBC: With no indication that the estranged couple — who married 28 years ago — had a prenup, Robyn Gibson, 53, is legally entitled in their divorce to half of everything the actor-director-producer earned from their marriage in 1980 to the date of their legal separation: A fortune estimated at close to $1 billion. “This could easily be one of the biggest divorce settlements in Hollywood history,” says Los Angeles family lawyer Lynn Soodik, who’s not involved with the case. “Any attorney would advise her to take half.” MORE

BELIEF NET: Files for divorce after 28 years of marriage. No reasons given, and absent that, not much any of us can say, except to make the entirely obvious and banal observation that that man has some pretty serious demons, in the same way that China has a lot of people. MORE

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