What Part Of ‘On The Record’ Don’t You Understand?

Temple J-schooler notes Philadelphia  police officer’s racial slurs during a patrol car ridealong in the article she wrote about it. Sh*t hits fan. To wit:

The stories of police brutality are easier to believe when Thrasher and his colleagues interact. “TNS” is the code they use for many of their cases. When Thrasher arrives at Arthur’s Dog House on Germantown Avenue in response to a midday call about an escalating argument; the cook greets him by saying the fighting couple has already left.

“Nobody died,” he tells her dismissively.

Thrasher’s lieutenant drives by as Thrashers slides back into the seat of his car.

“TNS,” Thrasher tells his superior. “Typical N[igger] S[hit].”

Comments like this between two white police officers in a predominantly black section of the city only add fuel to the fire. So does Thrasher’s implication that because most of the houses in the 22nd district belong to the Housing Authority, there are more instances of violent crime. MORE

PhiladelphiaPoliceBadge.gifDAILY NEWS: A college class assignment may have gotten a Philadelphia police officer into some hot water. William Thrasher, a white cop in the 22nd District, at 17th and Montgomery, has been put on desk duty after an article written by a Temple University student quoted him describing his disgust for black people in the district where he works, likening them to animals and calling their problems “typical n—- s—,” or “TNS,” during a ride-along with the student Jan. 30. The article enraged The Guardian Civic League, an organization of black Philadelphia police officers, which is calling for his dismissal. “[Thrasher] took an oath to protect all people,” said Rochelle Bilal, who heads the group. “If that’s the way he feels about black people, then he needs to be off our streets.” The police Internal Affairs department is investigating. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said that that kind of inflammatory rhetoric will not be tolerated within the department. “I’m not happy with this at all,” he said. “I take this very, very seriously. It’s not supposed to happen. You can’t serve people you don’t respect.” MORE

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