CONTEST: WTF Picture In Search Of A Caption


OK, admittedly it’s a slow news day — no new wars started by the U.S., no interstate killing sprees, no new arrest warrant for Lindsay Lohan. Frankly, this is the best we got: A motherfuckin bear riding in a taxi, presumably in Russia where bears enjoy something close to citizenship and circus celebrity status. So, until the next war/killing spree/Lohan arrest warrant comes along, what say we amuse ourselves with a caption contest? The prize? A sense of accomplishment, which is priceless if you think about it. OK, don’t think about it too hard. Here’s a few suggestions to get you started:

— “Somebody’s been eating my porridge, STEP ON IT.”

–“This is the problem with Communism — to get to 100% employment somebody’s got to drive the bear around for a living.”

— “You don’t get paid to ask me stupid questions, just follow the chick in the red riding hood.”

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