THAT’S KLANTASTIC: Another Public Official Forced To Resign After Emailing A Racist Obama Cartoon



STATEN ISLAND LIVE: Several people have asked him to stop. But as of today, Salvatore Ballarino [pictured, below] was still forwarding e-mails of jokes that make him chuckle — and that, at times, make others feel very uncomfortable. “I just sent six or seven out today,” he said. “If I get an e-mail and I think it’s funny, I’m going to send it out.” Many people are questioning Ballarino’s judgment after the member of the all-volunteer Community Education Council District 31 forwarded an e-mail that has put Staten Island’s African American community into a fury. The e-mail, a mock photo strip sent to about 30 people on Jan. 4, shows a presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, with speech balloons inventing a dialogue rife with racist jokes about black people. MORE

STATEN ISLAND LIVE: Community Education Council member Salvatore Ballarino resigned his seat today at the insistence of Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro, in the wake of an inflammatory “joke” email that ignited a firestorm of outrage. “I spoke to Mr. Ballarino this morning and asked him to resign,” Molinaro said. “He agreed, and he has resigned effective today. His conduct was inappropriate and unacceptable as my appointee. Such comments about any race, people, or religion by anyone appointed by me will not be tolerated.” Mayor Michael Bloomberg applauded Molinaro for acting to remove Ballarino. “I am glad the borough president asked for Mr. Ballarino’s resignation this morning,” Bloomberg said. “The e-mails he forwarded were deeply offensive, and there was no longer any role for him influencing policies that affect our children.” MORE

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