UNPLUGGED: Philadelphia Will Do(ne)


PHILADELPHIA WILL DO:  And that’ll do it for the PW version of this blog. Thanks to the people who gave me this (relatively ridiculous) chance and to everyone who checked in over the past three-plus years…I hope I succeeded in my original goal: Lowering the productivity of the American office worker, at least a little. Yeah, I think that’s what my original goal was. MORE


WHYY: The other blog that closed this week was Ed Goppelt’s Hallwatch.org. It was a local government watchdog website that went offline last night at 11:59 p.m. He gave us some warning when he posted this on his site last month. Ed used the power of his website to demand more accountability from Philadelphia government and also took up the cause of fighting against the two planned casinos slated for the city. MORE

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