GALLUP: 71% Of Americans Want Bush Investigated


AOL NEWS: Despite President Obama’s “inclination to look forward,” repeated gain at Monday’s press conference, a new USA Today/Gallup poll finds that as many as 71% of Americans want investigations of the Bush administration. Respondents were asked about investigations into Bush administration use of torture, warrantless wiretaps, and politicization of the Justice Department. While a significant majority in each case wanted investigations, a minority portion of them wanted investigations without criminal charges.

Somewhat surprising is the fact that even Republicans show significant support for investigations, with 52% favoring investigations of the politicization of the DOJ, 44% on torture, and 41% on wiretaps. MORE

ALTERNET: That’s a pretty startling number, even for those of us who’ve been arguing for investigations for evildoer-rumsfeld.gifsome time now. After all, Obama didn’t get 71% of the vote, which means that a lot of folks who voted for McCain also want equal justice applied equally. One reason for this surprisingly robust groundswell for investigations may be that each day, formerly secret Bush-era documents surface that truly shock the conscience.

Just yesterday the ACLU got it’s hands on a truly smoking gun memo written for then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld. This document informed Rumsfeld that those he’d tasked with beating  information out of suspected terrorists had not just tortured them, but tortured some of them, to death. In other words, they murdered them. No, I’m not kidding. Here read the original document yourself.

If Rumsfeld had been, say, some local police captain in charge of these guys, this document would make him – at very least – accessory-after-the-fact to murder. He not only conspired to keep this evidence secret, but did not report this as the crime it is, nor order the perpetrators arrested, charged and put on trial. MORE

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