RIP: The Shirt Corner


[Photo by SYNDPROD]

INQUIRER: The Shirt Corner, the Market Street clothing emporium that celebrates Philadelphia’s distinctive but rapidly vanishing style of retail hucksterism, will shut its doors today, opening the way for demolition of its ebullient, red-white-and-blue-painted building and six of its Old City neighbors. Although the properties remain in the hands of the Shirt Corner’s 77-year-old owner, Marvin Ginsberg, a potential buyer is scheduled to appear today before a Historical Commission subcommittee to request permission to tear down the row of mid-19th-century structures. The vivid facades, with their overscaled graphic signs, account for about half the frontage on the north side of Market Street’s 200 block, along with a section facing Third Street.The demolition request will almost certainly be rejected at the recommendation of the commission’s staff, largely because the buyer, Avi Nechemia, did not submit all the documentation required to justify tearing down protected buildings. MORE

6ABC: The red, white, and blue-striped Shirt Corner Plus at 2nd and Market has been a Philadelphia landmark for 48 years. But now, owners Marvin and Dee Ginsberg are going out business. Marvin says the economy forced his decision to retire.”The last three or four months have been depressed,” said Ginsberg. “Our customer is a working man, a church-going man, and this economy has hurt him.”  MORE

SHIRT CORNER PLUS WEB SITE: The Shirt Corner Plus has been operating since 1960. It started the Business Special Only Shirts. For many years, shirts were our only business. About 20 years ago due to customer demand we now carry a full line of menswear. We are fashion forward and price conscious. Our suits are priced at $98.00 to $199.00, none higher. We have always offered the best value and the highest of styles, 36 short to 60 long. MORE

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