CHANGE: Brasserie Perrier To Become An Apple Store


ZDNET: A momentus event is almost upon us – an Apple Retail Store in Downtown Philly. MacNN reports that Apple has agreed to lease the former Brasserie Perrier restaurant at 1619 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. Despite having a retail presence in eight of the top 10 U.S. cities it has puzzled many as to why Apple hasn’t opened a retail store in the City of Brotherly Love (the 5th largest city in the U.S.). Detroit is the other snubbed city.

  1. New York, NY (3 stores)
  2. Los Angeles, CA (3)
  3. Chicago, IL (1)
  4. Houston, TX (3)
  5. Philadelphia, PA (0)
  6. San Diego, CA (2)
  7. Detroit, MI (0)
  8. Dallas, TX (1)
  9. Phoenix, AZ (1)
  10. San Antonio, TX (2)

According to ifoAppleStore BPs Walnut Street location has been rumored to be under consideration by Apple dating back to 2006. Brasserie Perrier closed on January 2. MORE

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