DIRTY DEEDS: The Trouble With Harry Reid


BRENDAN CALLING: So on top of refusing to honor the holds of fellow democrats while upholding the holds of racists like Tom Coburn, doing the GOP’s bidding on FISA in return for campaign donations from Verizon and AT&T, working on behalf of the billboard industry to undermine Lady Bird Johnson’s Highway Beautification Act, we can add running defense for convicted felons, suspicious discussions with a soon-to-be-convicted governor, and also unconstitutionally trying (and failing) to turn away the duly appointed Senator from Illinois (shades of Little Rock Arkansas). And there is so much more, from his support for Joe Lieberman, to his pro-life stance, to his anti-gay stance, to his utter failure to rein in the GOP since gaining power 2006, to the blank checks for Iraq, to his support for the Bankruptcy Reform Bill of 2005. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here? I am: it’s a pattern of double dealing, dishonesty, self-interest, capitulation, putting the interests of big business ahead of the people’s interest, and above all utter incompetenence. MORE

ACDC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

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