LIE BERRY: What A Difference 3 Years Makes


FAMOUS LAST WORDS: Protester at Save The Libraries rally, City Hall, today [Photo by RAY SKWIRE]

BRENDAN CALLING: Philadelphia is facing a budget shortage of $1 billion dollars over the next five years. In response, the Mayor is cutting services, including closing 63 of 72 community pools, 11 branches of the Free Library (most of which are in low-income neighborhoods), and even the city’s nature centers. Meanwhile, despite ample opportunity to take to the bully pulpit, the Mayor has not said a word about the Philadelphia Eagles, who are shamefully welching on a $10 million dollar debt to the city. The same is true of debts owed by Sunoco. Only one of our newspapers has issued one single editorial decrying the way the Eagles are stiffing our city. Well today, the Mayor stiffed us as well. I joined a group of neighbors, council persons, state representatives, and friends of the Library from all over the city to to rally at the main branch, march to City Hall, and deliver thousands of signatures to the Mayor or his representatives. MORE

PHILLY BITS: More Protest Pix

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