HELLS BELLS: Sarah Palin Is Coming To Town!

palinprospect_1.jpgANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS: The governor is planning a trip to Georgia to campaign on behalf of Georgia Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss early next week on her way to Philadelphia to meet with her old foe, President-elect Barack Obama. Obama is meeting with governors of both parties in Philadelphia to talk about the ailing economy. It’s not clear how many governors are going to attend the Obama event, which the National Governors Association helped put together. “I don’t know if she has a one-on-one with (Obama),” said Palin spokesman Bill McAllister. “It may be, given that they were both involved in the national campaign.” McAllister said Palin will be in Philadelphia on Monday and Tuesday, and the state will pay for it. MORE

DAVID LETTERMAN: Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin Used A Turkey Massacre As A Press Conference Backdrop

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disney_skating_christmas_1.jpgNEW YORK TIMES: Three public ice rinks scheduled to close because of city budget cuts will stay open under private management, officials said Tuesday, and some swimming pools and libraries may also be transferred to the private sector. Management of the rinks is being taken over by the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation, a charity started by the founder of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team. The foundation already runs hockey programs for young people in poor neighborhoods. The city, which will save about $150,000 a year by handing over management of the rinks, will continue to own and maintain them. Mayor Michael A. Nutter said on Nov. 6 that the rinks would have to close as part of deep spending cuts unless private money could be found to keep them open. MORE

ATTYTOOD: Not many Philadelphians even know about Ed Snider‘s politics, because most of the time we edsnidertweaked2_1.jpgdidn’t have to. But he’s quite far to the political right, a devoted acolyte of the late conservative icon Ayn Rand, funding an institute based on her principles and giving speeches about her. (A Philadelphia Magazine profile of Snider said he won’t read anything in the Inquirer except for the sports sections because the paper’s too liberal for him.) Fair enough, but in the last two years Snider has veered off. Even though his beloved Rand did not believe in pre-emptive war, Snider is now a major financial support of continuing our very wrongheaded pre-emptive war in Iraq and sending new storm clouds over its neighbor, Iran. According to numerous news accounts, Snider is a leading donor to the group Freedom’s Watch, which is spending millions (here’s the repulsive part I mentioned up top) promoting its lethal policies in the Middle East and right-wing candidates like Sarah Palin and John McCain who support that agenda. MORE

LAS VEGAS REVIEW: Freedom’s Watch, the conservative group backed by Las Vegas Sands Corp. Chairman Sheldon Adelson, is pretty much kaput, sources with knowledge of the organization said. The group’s dozens of staffers have been paid through the end of the year. After that, Freedom’s Watch is likely to shut its doors permanently, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity. MORE

INSTANT KARMA: Sheldon Adelson reportedly was the source of the overwhelming majority of the group’s funding as well as the guiding force behind its decisions. But the 75-year-old casino executive, whose company owns The Venetian and Palazzo, has suffered his own reversals of late. The company has lost roughly 95 percent of its stock market value over the past 11 months, dropping Adelson’s rank on the Forbes list of America’s wealthiest people from third to 15th. At the end of October, a New York compensation consulting firm estimated Adelson’s net worth had fallen by more than $16.6 billion for the year. MORE

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