SENTENCING: The Last Temptation Of Larry Mendte


UPDATE: Mendte gets 3 years probation, 6 months home confinement, 250 hours community service, computer monitoring plus a fine. MORE

PHILLY.COM:  Paul Rosen, Alycia Lane’s lawyer, said she would not speak at sentencing. In a statement, he said:

 “Alycia never sought publicity for her private life, and she does not intend to give a public statement today. She gave a confidential statement to the probation officer which was presented to the Court. The only public life she wanted was her news anchor career. Larry Mendte’s criminal conduct destroyed that career and made her a tabloid feeding frenzy. He then attempted to have her convicted   for a crime in New York City, which   he knew by reading her private attorney-client emails, she did not commit. Thereafter Alycia was totally exonerated of those charges. We do not know the punishment the court will impose for the harm and pain Larry Mendte methodically inflicted upon Alycia. We trust the judicial system to dispense justice to Larry Mendte on behalf of his victims.” MORE

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