ARTSY: The Lonesome Death Of Amy Winehouse

ONTD: An artist is displaying in New York a statue in real size of the British singer Amy Winehouse fallen in the ground in a blood puddle, with a shot in the head. In the back, there’s a real size statue of the American writer William S. Burroughs with a rifle in his hand.The installation belongs to the Italian artist Marco Perego and is called “The only good rock star is a dead rock star”. It is on sale for about US$ 100,000 and started to be displayed last week in the Half Gallery, New York. Perego explains that the artwork plays on an incident involving Burroughs. In 1951, the writer of Naked Lunch, known for its involvement with drugs, supposedly killed his wife, Joan Vollmer, by an accident with a rifle shot in the head. In a party in Mexico, Burroughs was trying to imitate the famous scene of the medieval legend of William Tell, where he used a crossbow to shoot an apple on his son’s head. MORE

fight.gifBREAKING: Three students wandered into a Germantown High School classroom Wednesday after classes had let out and assaulted a teacher whom they did not know, district officials said.  Teacher Harry Doe was assaulted when he reprimanded the students for entering his classroom. One student, who was turned in later by his mother, has been suspended for 10 days and faces expulsion, said district spokesman Barbara Farley. District officials know the identity of the other two students and are looking for them, she said. The attack came two days after a Beeber Middle School teacher reported that a student attempted to rape her in a classroom. MORE

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ALSO: On The Eve Of Recession, Inquirer Launches Mag For The Rich

The Philadelphia Inquirer has started a new bimonthly magazine called I that targets the rich. The magazine’s first issue was tucked into 115,000 newspapers Thursday. It was distributed to home delivery customers and certain newsstands in affluent ZIP codes, mostly in the suburbs. The newspaper said the glossy “luxury and lifestyle” magazine will appear in the newspaper six times a year and will cover fashion, home decor, food and dining, entertainment and social events. Nearly all the content will be original to the magazine. MORE

THIS JUST IN: Philly International Gets New Box Set & PBS Special

“This was music — sweet, gritty, elegaic, sensuous — that celebrated love, fomented activism, pressed for change, va-conquer-the-world-the-lost-soul-of-philadelphia-international-records.jpgcelebrated ‘blackness’ in a moment in which black America, in an urgent sense of what that might mean, was just blinking awake,” Lynell George writes in the liner notes to a new box set, “Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia” (Philadelphia International/Legacy). It was all about family, Gamble says, something expressed in the name MFSB: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother. (Don’t believe the urban legend that says it stands for something else, Huff adds.) “We used the same musicians on all the productions that we did,” Huff observed. “That sort of created a chemistry of sound, though none of the artists sounded the same.” That chemistry is evident on the box set, which collects the label’s greatest hits with Gamble and Huff’s pre-PIR productions — including the Soul Survivors’ “Expressway to Your Heart” and Jerry Butler’s “Only the Strong Survive” — and material from artists contracted to other labels and produced by PIR’s Thom Bell, such as the Spinners. The label is also the subject of a PBS special, also called “Love Train,” which is scheduled to air Thanksgiving weekend. MORE

BIRDBRAIN: Palin Sets New Standard For Cluelessness

Sweet home Wasilla! Clearly minus her stylist (easy on the rouge, babe) and $170,000 wardrobe —  Governor Sarah Palin turned up at the local turkey farm to pardon the bird destined for the Governor’s mansion. Afterward, she is seen here yammering with reporters, somehow ignorant of the fact that the man behind her is chopping off the heads of turkeys and draining out all their blood, in plain view over her shoulder. She just keeps gassing on. As we have long said of this woman: She doesn’t even know what she doesn’t even know, and she’s too dumb, ignorant or just plain incurious to ask somebody. The future of the Republican party? Absolutely. In fact, we insist on it.

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