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The third season of The Sarah Silverman Program began this week on Comedy Central; because Silverman intentionally goes for the long bomb on sensitive topics — religion, abortion and sexual predators are — the show has become a kind of comedy litmus test. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: This is something else we’re gonna do: buck the Calendar Journalism school of arts coverage. And buck it hard. We don’t work for the publicists, so why should we work on their clock? Who fuckin’ died and made them Elvis? Sure, Jesus Is Magic came out on DVD eons ago, but all copies of the frickin’ thing have been rented-out at TLA ever since. We FINALLY got our hands on a copy and watched it last night and we’ll just leave it at this: TLA if you are reading this, we are not fuckin’ bringin’ it back. Repeat, NOT. But getting back to this You Can Only Write About Things When They First Come Out rule of journalism: we heard you and we don’t fuckin’ care. Buzz is the new seconhand smoke. People watch way more movies on DVD than they do in the theaters these days, as such it takes sarah_silverman.jpga lot longer for a water-cooler consensus to emerge — because it’s an honest, organic consensus, not a hype-driven mirage that melts away after opening weekend. It seems more real to us, and we’d rather speak to this consensus and explore this new metabolism of A&E-absorption. We know about this first hand. You see, in addition to doing this re-invent the media wheel/save the republic thing with Phawker, we are also in show business. Seriously, check it out. So anyway, when the Wilco movie was released in theaters, we went to the Ritz and more than anything we were genuinely distressed to see our head six feet wide. We were like, ‘Man, does it always look that big?’ Don’t answer that. I only mention all of this point out two things: that show biz ain’t all Lindsay Lohan beaver shots and some kind of fabulous party or another at Sean Combs‘ house. There is also a good side. And we’re gonna find it and show it to you, dear reader. Second, almost nobody said anything to me when the Wilco movie came and went from theaters. Not even my mom. If it is possible to be secretly in show business, I was. But once I Am Trying To Break Your Heart came out on DVD, strangers would stop me on the street, swear to god. All of which is a long-ass way of saying THERE IS NO ‘WRONG’ TIME TO PRAISE A GODDAMN GENIUS LIKE SARAH SILVERMAN. Today is fine, and so is tomorrow because she is doing something that has to be seen to be believed. And so, to respond to the reader who pointed out that Amy Sedaris is not the only funny-and-fuckable game in town. She was right and we were wrong. There we said it. But if Jesus Is Magic is so wrong – and it is, but in a good way, somehow managing to harness the subversive power of laughing with ignorance and then at it — we never want to be right again.

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