RUMBLINGS: Is McCain About To Pull Out Of PA?


HUFFPO: Democrats cheered on Wednesday when news broke that John McCain’s campaign was abandoning Michigan, pulling down its ads and sending staffers to other states. Almost immediately, an organization called Progress Michigan let loose with a taunt, demanding that McCain keep pouring resources into the state in order to explain to voters his “support for outsourcing” and the “failed economic policies” of the Bush administration.

Many speculated that McCain would now turn his focus to Pennsylvania. But United Steelworkers International president Leo Gerard tells the Huffington Post that the state could soon go the way of Michigan.

“We’re seeing — from the several hundred of our people working every day, hand-billing at the plants — the last two weeks have really been breaking Senator Obama’s way,” Gerard said over the phone from his office in Pittsburgh. “In particular, I think folks are sort of not taking John McCain as serious as they were, when they see his vacillation last week. ‘I’m not going to debate. I’m going to whip House Republicans into shape. Not.” MORE

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