EARLY WORD: The Buena Obama Social Club


Michael T. Regan is, as you may well know, the City Paper’s staff photographer. He is also a friend of Phawker. Astute readers will recall his excellent Tom Waits photo essay (with wry commentary from local filmmaker Jon Michals) which ran here earlier this summer. On Sunday, he will be unveiling photos from a recent trip to the sultry, forbidden (for Americanos, anyway) land of Cuba. Michael tells us there will be food, music and it’s all for a good cause — kinda like Cuba, without the failed Marxism and odious totalitarianism:

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Urban Blazers, a non-profit organization that provides unique opportunities for physical activity and education, contact with nature, and social connection to promote the healthy development of underserved youth in Philadelphia. There will be Cuban hors d’oeuvres and live music by the Latin Jazz Quintet, featuring Al Aguilera and Grammy nominee, Elio Villafranca. Cuba Owner and PCAS President, Miguel CasteƱeda, has offered $50 gift certificates to his restaurant for those who purchase art that afternoon.

Additionally, three of his photos from Obama’s landmark ‘A More Perfect Union’ speech at the Constitution Center earlier this year are included in an exhibit of Obama pix now showing at the Leica Gallery in New York. One of the pix appeared in the City Paper with their Obama for President endorsement, and the other appeared right here on Phawker. We could not be more proud, or horny.


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