delta.jpgAnother Sleepy Dusty Delta Day

Troubleyn/Jan Fabre

Fabre’s rider specifies ten male canaries (the males sing) and one and a half tons of coal for the American premiere Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day. The only U.S. appearance will be right here in Philly at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre (480 South Broad Street). In its recent debut at Festival d’Avignon, Le Monde called the piece “a haunting work of blues, leading us down a path that is uncertain, but beautiful.” Fabre, widely recognized as one the most provocative choreographers in contemporary dance today, has been acclaimed for his versatility and experimental edge. Inspired by Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode to Billy Joe,” Another Sleepy Dusty Delta Day invokes themes of love, suicide, and the erotic body in a solo performance by Croatian dancer Ivana Jozic. Also known as a visual artist, Fabre made history in April 2008 by becoming the first living artist to have his own show displayed within the permanent collection of Paris’ Louvre Museum. (9/10 – 9/13 at 8pm)

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