FRINGE PICKS: European Sons


9/2: The European Lesson

Fake anthropologists, real Slovaks, serious drama: The European Lesson is dance, theater, and adultery at its finest. The Live Arts Festival presents a world premiere by internationally acclaimed Norwegian director/choreographer Jo Strømgren (The Convent, Live Arts 2006), created in residency with five acclaimed Philadelphia actors. The European Lesson features Strømgren’s comedic, pseudo-realistic, and highly physical style of theater in a mock anthropological lecture that examines the ocean of misunderstanding that separates Europe and the Americas. MORE

Beyond the Pale/Soundwalk Philadelphia

Let an audio track usurp your every day consciousness as it guides you through heaven and hell in Fishtown. This is an interactive site-specific audio walking tour for those seeking a non-traditional performance experience. (Interdisciplinary, 45 minutes) MORE





Behind the scenes alongside our “founding fathers,” social activists have been creating change since the beginning of Philadelphia’s history. 2008 marks the 75th Anniversary of the New Deal and The Social Arts is celebrating all year long. Join us for the second installment of this guided tour with some new insights as we step back into the world of the Works Progress Administration. Social justice & food included. Brought to you by the people from Design for Social Impact. MORE


React/Dance’s South Philly Neighborhood Adventure Tours/part 1

Last year you came to our housewarming party. Now join us at our favorite neighborhood locale for a new dance adventure. Some of Philadelphia’s most dynamic performers join R/D’s Kristen Shahverdian and Jacelyn Biondo as we collide with living, public spaces and take you along for the ride. (Dance, 25 minutes) MORE

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