RETURN OF THE EVIL EMPIRE: Anti-Kremlin Blogger Gets Bullet In The Head From Russian Police

WASHINGTON POST: MOSCOW, Aug. 31 — A leading opposition figure in Russia’s volatile Ingushetia province was shot and killed Sunday after being detained by police, authorities said. His colleagues issued a call for protests in response, and human rights groups demanded an investigation.

Magomed Yevloyev [pictured, right], a businessman and the owner of a Web site that angered Kremlin-backed local leaders with its coverage of official corruption and police abuse, suffered a gunshot wound to his head while in a police car taking him to a station for interrogation, a spokesman for the Russian prosecutor’s office told the Interfax news agency.

A posting on Yevloyev’s Web site,, which the Russian government has been trying to shut down, called for a mass demonstration Monday in Nazran, the main city in Ingushetiya and the scene of anti-government protests earlier this year that ended in violent clashes with security forces.

The local government issued a statement saying that Yevloyev was shot after trying to seize a weapon from one of the police officers holding him. But a lawyer for Yevloyev ridiculed the explanation and said police dumped Yevloyev on a road after shooting him. “It was in no way a mistake,” the lawyer, Kaloi Akhilgov, told the Reuters news agency. MORE

PHAWKER: This is what happens when a citizenry allows its government to suspend due process and habeas corpus. Please take note. Before it’s too late.

DECLASSIFIED: FBI Plan To Suspend Habeas Corpus & Detain 12,000 ‘Disloyal’ Americans In Military Prisons


gitmobig.jpg“Under Habeas Corpus, you have the right to say, I want to be brought into the court to determine if I am the right person charged, if there’s an actual law prohibiting what I’m charged with, if the people who are holding me have the jurisdiction to do so, and I want that publicly known and I want the right to dispute all of that and the right to be tried too. Without Habeas Corpus you can be swept up off the street and never heard from again. Period. Nobody has to know. Nobody — including yourself — has to know why. Nobody gets to determine if there is a law against what you’re charged with. You have no rights at all.”


HUFFINGTON POST: The Price of Liberty Is Vigilance



The Boss on 60 Minutes:

bruce_springsteen.jpgIn the interview, Springsteen points out the direction in which the U.S. is going, by his estimation. “I think we’ve seen things happen over the past six years that I don’t think anybody ever thought they’d ever see in the United States,” says Springsteen. “When people think of the Unites States’ identity, they don’t think of torture. They don’t think of illegal wiretapping. They don’t think of voter suppression,” he tells Pelley. “They don’t think of no habeas corpus,” he says, referring to the people being held by the U.S. government in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. “Those are things that are anti-American,” Springsteen says. “There’s been a whole series of things that… I never thought I’d ever see in America,” he tells Pelley. [via DRUDGE REPORT]

RELATED: “This was a very good meeting. And I look forward to my next meeting with President Putin in July. I very much enjoyed our time together. He’s an honest, straightforward man who loves his country. He loves his family. We share a lot of values. I view him as a remarkable leader. I believe his leadership will serve Russia well. Russia and America have the opportunity to accomplish much together; we should seize it. And today, we have begun.” — George W. Bush, June 16, 2001



NEW YORK TIMES:  Then the janjaweed attacked a girls’ school near Halima’s new clinic and raped dozens of the girls, aged 7 to 13. The first patient Halima tended to was 8 years old. Her face was bashed in and her insides torn apart. The girl was emitting a haunting sound: “a keening, empty wail kept coming from somewhere deep within her throat — over and over again,” she recalls in the book… Soon afterward, two United Nations officials showed up at the clinic to gather information about the attack. Halima told them the truth. A few days later, the secret police kidnapped her. “You speak to the foreigners!” one man screamed at her. They told her that she had talked of rape but knew nothing about it — yet. For days they beat her, gang-raped her, cut her with knives, burned her with cigarettes, mocked her with racial epithets. One told her, “Now you know what rape is, you black dog.” Upon her release, a shattered Halima fled back to her native village, but it was soon attacked and burned — and her beloved father killed. Halima still doesn’t know what happened to her mother or brothers. Eventually she made her way to Britain, where she is seeking asylum, and even there Sudanese agents are trying to track her whereabouts. MORE

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