INSTA-REVIEW: FUC — Fringe Unofficial Cabaret

BY TIFFANY YOON FRINGE CORRESPONDENT The “unofficial” Cabaret, also officially nick-named FUC (Fringe Unofficial Cabaret), kicked off last night at Johnny Brendas with dirty child molestation jokes, raunchy dancing and a stuffed monkey. Needless to say, it was a fucking hit, and hat tip to Scott Johnston and friends that made the efforts to keep the Fringe festival’s post-show booze n’ fun tradition alive. The stage was backdropped with footage from the old Saturday morning classic “Land of the Lost” (see video below) in between acts and all throughout Animus’s set, the band headlining last night’s events. Other than some minor technical difficulties the night went smoothly, with a game of musical chairs using volunteers as chairs and people dancing freely on or off stage. It wasn’t until the middle of the evening a loud “THUD” was heard a top of the balcony, and as it goes a young woman who was either too drunk or overwhelmed with the awesomeness of the cabaret climbed into the back of an ambulance to end her night. B+


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