FRINGE PICKS: Sea Of Birds, Everyone

seaofbirds_1.jpgSea Of Birds

Structured like Homer’s Odyssey and reminiscent of The Little Prince, Sea of Birds takes place inside a luminous dome made of paper and bamboo, where history and imagination interweave to create a breathtaking experience for audiences of all ages. Drawing on stories from her mother’s childhood in Latvia during the Second World War, performance artist and writer Sebastienne Mundheim (Currently Franklin, 2006) brings audiences into a three-dimensional storybook of delicate paper sculpture, dance-based puppetry, and live musicians. Video preview by Woodshop films. Sun. 8/31 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM, Theater, 40 minutes, ICE BOX Projects Space,1400 North American Street

[Photo by Jacques-Jean Tiziou]




Brooklyn-based choreographer and two-time Bessie Award-winner Miguel Gutierrez brings Everyone to the Live Arts Festival. Showcasing his youthful, uninhibited style, Gutierrez’ dancers laugh, flirt, and wrestle with each other in this playful, warm-blooded work of dance. Everyone inspires an intimate connection between the performers and the audience—it’s sexy, spontaneous, and offers surprises at every turn. Sat. 8/30 10:00 PM (Dance, 75 minutes) Mandell Theater, Drexel University  3300 Chestnut Street


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