GIRL GERMS: Letter From Rock Camp


Editor’s Note: This week, on the campus of Girard College, Girls Rock Philly! is holding their summer Rock Camp for girls ages 9-17. The campers get their choice of concentrations in guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keyboard and DJ’ing. Our beloved neophyte rock diva, 14-year-old Jenn W. (Roxborough represent!), is on the scene and will be sending us dispatches from Rock Camp all week.

Wednesday, Aug. 6


Ahhh . . . another rockin’ day a Girls Rock Philly. Wednesday, hump day of the week, was sure a busy one. Nevertheless, a very crucial part of the week. It was Band Art day! We started off with our daily morning assembly, with the counselors and instructors performing a skit designed to teach a lesson concerning the bands. It was acted out the wrong way first, with the band members doing something disrespectful during band practice, as in taking cell phone calls, checking appearances and such. I personally think these skits are really cute and are very enlightening. Some girls, including myself, are not completely used to working with other strong-minded girls this way.

After the skit, we went to instrument practice and then to a workshop on Non-Traditional Instruments. Thegirl_rocker.jpg instructor showed us a banjo, a ukulele, a finger piano and a few others that were really interesting and things I’d never heard of. Lunch was next, and then the exciting part — Band Art! We were able to silkscreen T-shirts, and make buttons and posters. My band made T-shirts most of the time. It was so cool. We came up with a pattern together, and decided colors and ideas. They looked pretty flippin’ awesome. The other band’s buttons, T-shirts and posters looked really great also. I was very impressed.

The other focus of the day was band photos. You should have seen everyone! We all dressed in our skinniest jeans, most colorful shirts, most striped tights and way-coolest looking hair. A professional photographer came and took the photos, too. It was very exciting. Today was huge day for all the bands, and I’m already thinking about what the skit for tomorrow could be. I can’t wait to write about it!



Tuesday, Aug. 5

DEAR PHAWKER,Tshirt2008art

Today at Rock Camp, we went to some workshops. We started the day off as usual, in the auditorium of Girard College’s Elementary School building, with a morning assembly. After that, we went to instrument practice. At camp, I am taking vocals, so I stayed in the auditorium to sing with my group along with the piano.

When instrument practice was over, we had a choice of two workshops, History of Women in Music or ‘Zine Making. I chose History because that is a topic that I find a very central part of creating my own music. In the workshop, Sara Sherr told us about about women who made an impact on music in the ’30s, like Billie Holiday, all the way up to the ’90s. Afterward we ate lunch and then had a second choice, of a Sound and Recording workshop or ‘Zine Making again. I selected the Sound and Recording. It was great. The instructor, Kim from WXPN, taught us about sound boards at radio stations and showed us how they work. The last thing of the day was band practice. My band and I got together and continued working on our song for the showcase on Saturday. We talked about our band name, the song and what we were all going to wear for the band pictures on Wednesday.

Today at GRP camp was really fun. I am already excited about tomorrow, for making T-shirts, buttons and band art.


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