HOT DOC: Indie Mall Bomb Scare Affidavit


high_heels_shotgun.jpgThis affidavit is in support of a criminal complaint charging LOUIS C. BOUMPANI and KATHY BOUMPANI as follows: In Count One, LOUIS BOUMPANI is charged with transporting a firearm in interstate commerce, while under indictment for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year. LOUIS BOUMPANI and KATHY are each charged in Counts Two and Three with possession of a dangerous weapon in a federal court facility, and a federal facility, respectively, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 930(a), (e)(1). This affidavit is based upon this affiant’s investigation as well as information supplied to me by other law enforcement officials.
On July 31, 2008, I initiated an investigation after receiving a report that LOUIS C. BOUMPANI and KATHY BOUMPANI had attempted to enter the William J. Green Federal Office Building, located at 600 Arch Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (The Green Building) and had weapons in their possession. I learned that while undergoing routine screening to gain entry to the upper floors of the Green Building by the Contract Security Officer, LOUIS C. BOUMPANI and KATHY BOUMPANI presented two brief cases and a cardboard box for screening through the X-ray magnotometer. The brief cases and cardboard box went through the magnotometer, and when screened, revealed two knives (which were approximately seven (7) inches in length) and live ammunition, including four (4) 20 gauge shotgun slugs; five (5) .22 long rifle rounds loaded in a magazine; and two (2) .25 caliber rifle rounds. The Contract Security Officer secured the brief cases and the cardboard box and requested assistance from the Federal Protective Service.
After advising LOUIS C. BOUMPANI and KATHY BOUMPANI of their Miranda rights and obtaining writtenmetaldetector_1_1.jpg Waiver of Rights forms from them, accompanied by other agents and officers, I interviewed them. The BOUMPANIs stated there were attempting to go the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (which is located in the Green Building) to report incidents of identity theft and mortgage fraud in Florida that had been perpetrated against them. The BOUMPANIs stated that they had parked their vehicle, a Chevrolet Astro Van, across the street in the National Constitution Center underground parking garage and come over to the
Federal Building to meet with the FBI. The BOUMPANIs stated that there were numerous knives in their vehicle, but they did not possess any firearms to their knowledge. When I specifically told them that most people usually don’t have ammunition without a gun, they each stated that they did not any weapons other than the knives. I requested and was granted a Voluntary Consent to Search of their vehicle and a written consent was executed by KATHY BOUMPANI.
Prior to the commencement of the consent search of the BOUMPANIs’ vehicle, a certified FPS explosive detection handler conducted an exterior check of the vehicle as well as other vehicles in the area. The handler observed an indication by his certified explosive detection dog that the car was potentially positive for the presence of explosives. Kathy BOUMPANI and I removed three (3) small dogs from the vehicle. With the doors of the vehicle open, the handler then conducted a search of the exterior of the vehicle. The explosive detection dog indicated the presence of explosives. Then, a visual search of the vehicle was conducted by myself and FPS Officer Anthony Fuscellaro at which time a shotgun was observed alongside the driver’s seat between the front driver and passenger seats.
Following the observation of the shotgun, LOUIS BOUMPANI and KATHY BOUMPANI were arrested.
knives_1.jpgAs a result of the observations of the shotgun and indication by the Explosive Detection Dog that there was the possibility of an explosive inside the vehicle, the Philadelphia Bomb Squad was called and responded to the BOUMPANIs’ vehicle inside the underground garage. After a careful search, the bomb squad determined that the vehicle did not contain any explosives. However, the bomb squad recovered the following weapons and

one Remington 870, 20 gauge shotgun, serial no. AB6176S8U, which was
loaded with four rounds of 20 gauge ammunition;

one Savage Arms .22 caliber rifle, serial no. 0996658, which was loaded
with nine (9) .22 caliber rounds;

approximately six (6) additional 20 gauge shotgun rounds;

one sword, approximately three (3) feet in length; and

fourteen (14) assorted knives and daggers with lengths blade lengths of
four (4) inches or more.

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