DUBIOUS ACHIEVEMENT: Hannity Paid $100 Million To Mislead Listening Public About Reality’s Liberal Bias

hannitynazi.jpgMEDIA WEEK: Hannity’s contract with ABC Radio Networks expired recently and rumors have been swirling every since. For Premiere, grabbing Hannity gives the radio network a blockbuster afternoon Talk block beginning with Rush Limbaugh at Noon, followed by Hannity at 3 p.m. After paying dearly for the ABC properties, Citadel has been struggling to pay down $2 billion in debt in a historically soft radio ad environment. It needed Hannity, especially since network radio is outperforming a very soft radio market. While Limbaugh reportedly got a $400 million contract over eight years with Premiere, Hannity’s was somewhat less, about $100 million over the next five years, according to various reports. However, Hannity will also share in some of the revenue. MORE

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