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Before the Cuban Revolution, Havana was a playground for American gangsters, mafiosi and the debauched tourists who frequented their casinos. T.J. English’s new book Havana Nocturne provides a vision of the darker side of the city, focusing on gangland imperialism and the dirty dealings that happened in jazz clubs. In addition to Havanahavana_200.jpg Nocturne, English has written a number of other true-crime works. His book Paddy Whacked concerns the Irish mob, and Born to Kill focuses on Vietnamese organized crime. English has also written episodes for the television dramas Homicide: Life on the Streets and NYPD Blue. He shared a Humanitas Prize with David Simon and Julie Martin for his screenwriting.

ALSO, according to Michael Sokolove’s book Warrior Girls, female athletes are more vulnerable to injury than their male counterparts. The statistics are alarming: women are eight times more likely to damage their ACLs, or anterior cruciate ligaments, than men. But with proper attention and training, women can reduce their risk, says the sportswriter. In addition to writing about women’s athletics, Sokolove has written about politics and sociological problems as a contributor to The New York Times Magazine and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Sokolove has written two books on baseball culture: The Ticket Out focuses on the promises made and opportunities denied to the boys of the Los Angeles inner-city neighborhood Crenshaw; Hustle chronicles the controversial career of Pete Rose.

MARK RIBOT: Esclavo Triste



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assistedloving.jpg The Department of Homeland Security is trying to get states to adopt the Real ID, a more secure driver’s license. The DHS says it is an important security measure. So states, however, are resisting implementation because of privacy and cost concerns. Our guests are JANICE KEPHART founder of 9/11 Security Solutions and PETER SWIRE professor at Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3

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After his mother died, writer Bob Morris was surprised by his widowed father’s eagerness to find love again – someone to just hold hands with. Together, the two of them launched a campaign to get the older Mr. Morris back in circulation. Their adventures are detailed in a new book, “Assisted Loving: True Tales of Double Dating with my Dad.” Morris talks with guest host Dave Davies. Listen to this show via Real Audio | mp3

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