NEWS CLUES: Like A Compassionate Release Of Truth


Kallenbach, 39, a longtime member of Howard Stern’s “Wack Pack” who suffered from cystic fibrosis, was rapidly shedding weight while jailed on a parole violation. Even the Upper Chichester cop who arrested him in March for allegedly trying to lure a teenage girl into a car was shocked by his gaunt appearance at his preliminary hearing April 15. “He looked bad,” Officer Michael Smalarz recalled last week. “I said, ‘Kenny, man, you’re really losing weight.’ ” He was dying. But despite the mid-April request that Kallenbach be released — a practice reserved for seriously ill, nonviolent inmates — the county probation office insisted that he stay in jail until he could undergo a psychosexual evaluation, according to John Reilly Jr., acting superintendent at the George W. Hill Correctional Facility. Delaware County Adult Probation and Parole Services refused to send Kallenbach home, Reilly said, even though he was being held on a parole violation from a prior DUI arrest – not on the attempted-kidnapping charge involving a minor. Kallenbach’s mother, Fay, already had posted bail on that charge. It wasn’t until the morning of April 24 that a county judge agreed to rescind the warrant on the parole violation. Kallenbach had died a few hours earlier at Riddle Memorial Hospital. [via DAILY NEWS]

Polygamist Sect Launches Online Little House On The Prairie-wear Store

polygamypants.jpgELDORADO, Texas — A new clothing brand may be born out of the Texas raid on a polygamous sect. FLDS women for the first time are offering their handmade, distinctive style of children’s clothes to the public through the Web site Launched initially to provide Texas authorities with clothing for FLDS children in custody, the online store now is aimed at helping their mothers earn a living. The venture, which has already drawn queries from throughout the U.S., is banking on interest in modest clothes, curiosity and charity to be a success. The initial Web site featured only photographs of clothes because the children were still in state custody. Now those are being replaced with photographs of smiling, beatific FLDS children modeling the fashions. The sect is offering dresses, overalls, shirts, pants, nightgowns, sleepers, onesies for babies and, yes, ankle-to-wrist underwear. There are denim jeans for boys and “teen princess” dresses in plain, jacket and vest styles in pastel shades of pink, peach, yellow, green, aqua, blue, lavender and lilac. The dresses sell for $35.65. Women’s apparel could be added if demand arises. [via SALT LAKE TRIBUNE]

FEAR & LOATHING IN GLADWYNE: Anonymous Rolls Out The Un-Welcome Wagon

mckiehouse.JPGIn the small, exclusive community of Gladwyne, wealthier even than Beverly Hills or Scarsdale, neighbors recently were stunned to discover a flyer, ugly in tone, in their mailboxes. Where it came from no one knows. Its target, however, was unmistakable: Aaron McKie, the former Temple and 76ers star arrested last week on charges that he tried to buy guns while under a protection-from-abuse order. It read: “Attention please, read if you care about your neighborhood!!! How can we prevent Aaron McKie from moving into our safe and peaceful neighborhood. His house is almost complete on Youngsford Road. Let’s prevent another Iverson from moving in!” [via INQUIRER]

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