KILLADELPHIA: Cop Shooter Gets Hard Time


KILLADELPHIA_SKULLcropped.jpgINQUIRER: Earlier in court, Common Pleas Judge Glenn Bronson sentenced Antonio Coulter to 36 to 72 years in state prison for the shooting and for his attempt to escape afterward. Officer Decoatsworth told reporters he was “very pleased with the decision the judge made. That young man’s life is over now. He’s going to have to find some way to get used to his new home. I’m sure the guys up there [in state prison] can’t wait to meet him. So we’re all excited about that.” Last month, Coulter pleaded guilty to attempted murder, aggravated assault, burglary, weapons charges and related offenses[…]It was about 9 a.m. Sept. 24 when Officer Decoatsworth got out of his patrol car to check on Coulter, who he realized had backed his Buick LeSabre the wrong way on Farson Street near Market, in West Philly. Coulter lived on that block.After the officer got out of his car, Coulter popped up and fired a sawed-off shotgun filled with birdshot over his car’s roof, hitting Decoatsworth in the lower left side of his face.Bleeding profusely, Decoatsworth bravely chased Coulter and called the police radio room. MORE

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