All Of This Happened While You Were Sleeping

PEACE CORPS: War On Drugs, Johnny Brendas, June 7th [Photos by TIFFANY YOON]


I’m sorry this is so late, but I have a good story: The day after the show I had work all day and then hopped a bus to New York and counted on getting a seat on the Boltbus, because the buses are equipped with Internet. Didn’t happen. Then I was hoping when I got to Brooklyn I would have the opportunity to use my sister’s Internet at her apartment, but I couldn’t get a hold of her until Monday afternoon. A friend from out of town, or rather, out of the country, met me at the bus stop and he and I were kind of homeless for the rest of Saturday night. So he and I went to Union Pool bar in Brooklyn until they kicked us out around 3:30 and then he and I walked around Brooklyn and found ourselves in McCarren Park. We slept in the park for an hour, yes… we slept in the park until some joggers woke us up. Probably not the smartest idea, considering I had my laptop with me in hopes of finding Internet to get this review up on Phawker.

Anyways, then we went to Chinatown to buy some tea that he wanted to take back to his friends in Manchester. We wandered, dirty and hot, in the streets of Little Italy and Chinatown looking for a cafe preferably with Internet. We didn’t come across any that were willing to let us use their Internet, and weirdly enough, each of these Internet cafes were packed with men literally passed out at computers, and wreaked of cigarettes, stale beer and the stench of guilt stricken men hesitating to return home to their wives and families after marathon sessions of Counterstrike. A bit surreal. Luckily I got a hold of my sister… finally, made plans to meet up with and then accompanied my friend to the JFK airport to catch his flight to London. At this point, neither of us had eaten or bathed, we were both carrying everything we had brought on our journeys on our backs and were quickly running out of funds. We shared a cheap meal from the foodcourt, said our goodbyes, and I began my long subway ride back to Brooklyn to rendezvous with my sister. I got to her apartment and she kindly fed me and let me take a shower. I was relieved, but wanted to scream when she told me that her Internet had been on the fritz for the past couple of days. So again, I apologize for not having this up sooner. In the least melodramatic way, I just couldn’t find Internet or time, was kind of homeless and well… I’m sorry. The delay does not in anyway reflect upon my opinion of the band. They were great.


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